Capss Infusion



Over time active ingredients may settle, separate, lose their efficacy and expire. In other cases, products require a complicated mixing process by the consumer, which is often time consuming, prone to error and messy.


With the CAPss mixing technology the main ingredients are stored in a container underneath a cap and separated from the liquid in the base. The Widget reduces or prevents degradation and eliminates the need for chemical preservatives in perishable items. For chemical, medical and pharmaceutical applications, the precise dosing and instant mixing provided by CAPss eliminates complexity and allows for revolutionary packaging systems.


Possible applications include beverages, CBD products, nutraceuticals, aeration, hygiene, hair care, pharmaceuticals, chemical and much more. CAPss can be customized to fit an array of base containers in a variety of design & aesthetic options.


Upon opening the container, CAPss automatically propels and instantly mixes a stream of active ingredients (vitamins, flavors, serums, colors, etc.) into the base, providing an exciting visual effect and confirmation to the user that they have activated their product. In this way the consumer is involved in the creation of the end product.



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